5 Things You Need To Know About Brewers Plate 2017

Brewers Plate 2017 is ready for you. Here are the 5 things you need to know…

1) Tickets Are On Sale Now: They are Early Bird Tickets, so get them before they are gone. As an added bonus and for a limited time, use promo code BREWERS to take an additional $5 off the Early Bird price of $80.00.

2) Entourage Tickets: Like every rock and roll evening in the history of rock and roll evenings, this one is better enjoyed with friends. Your entourage. We’ve created a ticket package just for groups of five. Yes, this ticket offer is the best value so you may wanna consider it. Buy Your Entourage Tickets! (Promo codes do not apply)

3) Your Band Tee Shirt: This is paramount! You gotta follow the dress code! Start searching in your closet or the nearest Value Village for the perfect band tee shirt. This band tee shirt thing adds an amazing element to the evening. Seeing vintage ones is super cool. Actual quote from last year: “Where did you get The Thomson Twins tour tee shirt?” It was so rad. See the Photo Gallery from last year to get a taste!

4) How We Raise Money: During Brewers Plate you’ll find many ways to support War Child Canada.

Silent Auction – where we put amazing prizes and one-of-a-kind experiences up on the auction block.

Raffle – our volunteers and committee members sell arms-length or body-lengths of raffle tickets. You stuff the tickets in the prize box of your choosing. We’ll have anywhere from 10 to 50 prizes to raffle. Last year the values of prizes were from $50 to $1,500.

Live Auction – We’ll have one incredible and unique prize to be auctioned off live from our stage. Last year we auctioned off Norm Kelly and the chance to brew a beer with him.

The Infamous Running Of The Balls – This is our chance to utilize that crazy slide in the Corus Building. Since they won’t let people go down it, we send a bunch of plastic balls down it. It’s our version of a 50/50 draw, where you buy a ball and if your ball is the race winner – you win!

5) Culinary & Beer Pairings: This is the star of the show. These collaborations will amaze and delight. Here’s a rundown:

Old Tomorrow Beer x Palais Royale

The Collingwood Brewery x Trattoria Nervosa/Chef Anthony Davis

Station Cold Brew x Le Dolci/Chef Lindsey Greflund x All or Nothing Brewhouse

Great Lakes Brewery x Ted Reader/Ted’s World Famous BBQ

Henderson Brewing Co. x Heirloom Toronto

Walter Craft Caesar x Hangry Catering Co.

Sawdust City Brewing Co. x Tundra Restaurant

Muskoka Brewery x Globe Bistro

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co x Beau’s Chef

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing x Cheese Boutique

Steam Whistle Brewing x Mangia & Bevi

And finally, #RockThePlate: That’s the way we roll. Tag your thoughts, your pics, your memories with #RockThePlate and here’s where you can find us…

See you May 4th!