Taste slow, local and delicious.

Slow Food: Fresh ingredients, craft, creativity, tradition. Respect for farmers, artisans, the land, and the food (not fast food) www.toronto.slowfood.ca

All the food we eat has a story. Where does it comes from, how is it made, who earns their living from it? Some stories are more delicious than others!

Why should I buy food that’s grown locally?

  • The best tasting food ripens close to home
  • Buying local food keeps your dollars in your community
  • The distance food travels is reduced benefiting the environment

How can I find locally grown food?

Market Finder Ontario Fresh online marketplace to help everyone involved in local food grow their business. Whether you’re a grower, producer, chef, caterer, buyer or foodservice distributor, Ontariofresh.ca will give you new opportunities to source local quickly and easily.

Directory of local, organic food sources in the Toronto region: www.veg.ca

Think Local First

All of the businesses featured at the Brewers Plate are independently owned by people who live in southern Ontario. Supporting them keeps more of your money here and preserves Toronto’s unique identity. They are some of our region’s most responsible businesses and organizations. You can feel good knowing that your dollars are going to people who care about Toronto as much as you do.

What does it mean to “be local”? It means really connecting yourself to the place you call home. Your choices make a difference in our city and our region. Whether it is where you eat, shop or live; what you throw away or simply where you spend your free time, small decisions make a big impact.

Ask For local. Don’t be shy—ask questions like:

Is this an independently-owned store?

Does this restaurant source local food?

Is this item from a local artist?

Let businesses know local matters. Support independently-owned retail. Three times more of your money is re-spent in Toronto when you shop locally.